BRE Spook (Air Dam) for 260Zs & 280Zs

BRE Spook (Air Dam) for 260Zs & 280Zs

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One of the first BRE Tribute Cars was this little beauty, a 280Z. We helped its owner with decals and die-cuts, including two "280.Z" die-cuts for the hood, instead of the 240Z nomenclature on our original racers. 

When we started having our original body parts made again, this beautiful 280Z was on our mind. Our original Air Dam for our 240Z in 1971 has now been modified for the 1974-78 260Z and 280Z models. 

Even though these are new molds, they are made by the same company that made our original body parts for us in the '70s. 

Of course we had to also provide you the latest in technology. In addition to the original fiberglass body parts, we now offer them in carbon fiber* for an additional $112. Be cool with either. Just select which you prefer from the drop-down menu when ordering. 

International customers: please contact us at for special shipping rates! 

*Carbon fiber is a special order; please allow an additional 4-6 weeks for availability. 

NOTE: These are quality BRE parts, however, they are as they come out of the mold and as with any fiberglass part require preparing (example: sanding) for paint.

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